Gray fox and sun
David Brown's Wildlife Services
12 Hotel Road
Warwick, MA 01378
Tel: 978 544 8175
About David Brown
Tracker-naturalist David Brown provides several services
focused on New England wildlife. These include:
  • Interpretive programs, including animal tracking and bird
  • Wildlife inventories, including both mammal tracking and
    bird surveys
  • Docent training of interpretive walk leaders
  • Wildlife education planning for organizations

David Brown is a lifelong teacher and naturalist with more than 20
years experience interpreting the trails and sign of mammals of
New England. His birding experience extends back to his boyhood.

David began presenting animal tracking programs more than two
decades ago after studying the field for six years.

He has conducted extensive wildlife surveys at the Middlesex Fells
Reservation (Stoneham, MA), for the Greater Lovell Land Trust
(ME), and at a number of other natural areas in New England
(scroll to the bottom of the page for a complete list)

A collection of 2500 slides and digital images as well as about 16 hours of video
clips form the main resource for indoor interpretive programs. 150 track casts and
numerous animal artifacts are also drawn upon for these programs.

Past program sponsors:
AMC Andover Committee
Andover Dept of Community Services
Andover Village Improvement Society
Assabet Keeping Track
Athol Bird and Nature Club
Cambridge Center for Adult Ed
Carlisle Conservation Foundation
Concord-Carlisle Adult&Community Ed
Concord Land Conservation Trust
Deerfield Acadamy
East Quabbin Land Trust
Five Kezars Watershed Association
Friends of Acton Libraries
Friends of Assabet NWR
Friends of Alewife Reservation
Friends of Breakheart Reservation
Friends of the Blue Hills
Friends of Gleason Library
Friends of the Middlesex Fells
Friends of Great Meadows (Arlington, MA)
Great Brook Farm State Park
Great Falls Discovery Center
Greater Barrington  Land Trust (RI)
Greater Lovell Land Trust (ME)
Hudson (MA) teacher training
Lakes Environmental Assoc. (ME)
Lynn Mineral Club
Mass DEM Project Learning Tree
Mass DCR
Mahoosuc Land Trust

Metropolitan District Commission
Mt. Grace Land Conservation Trust
Musketequid/Emerson Umbrella
Mystic River Watershed Assoc.
Nashaway Keeping Track
Nashoba Keeping Track
New England Forestry Foundation
New England Park Rangers Assoc.
Northeast Regional Adult Ed
Northeast Trackers Conference
Northfield Mountain Environmental Center
Northshore Community College
Oakham Cultural Council
Project Wild (MA F&W)
Saugus River Watershed Council
Southborough Open Land Foundation
Southborough Open Space Commission
Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary
Squam Lakes Science Center
Tin Mountain Conservation Center
Tyngsboro Bird Club
UNH College of Lifelong Learning
Walden Pond State Park
Walden Keeping Track
Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary
Ware River Nature Club
Warwick Cultural Council
Wilmington Memorial Library
Winchendon School
Winchester Trails

Wildlife Inventories:
David Brown has conducted wildlife inventories at the following locations for both
public and private sponsors:

Alewife Reservation, Cambridge, MA, tracking and bird surveys
Birch Hill Wildlife Management Area, Templeton, MA, bird survey
Chip Stockford Preserve, Lovell, ME, tracking and bird surveys
Cope property, Lovell, ME, tracking and bird surveys
Cunningham property, Wakefield, MA, tracking survey
Duris property, New Braintree, MA, tracking and bird surveys
Flat Brook Forest, Hardwick, MA, tracking and bird surveys
Heald and Bradley Pond tract, Lovell, ME, tracking survey
Mason property, Williamstown, MA, tracking and bird surveys
Middlesex Fells Reservation, Stoneham, MA, tracking survey
Vandersluis property, Mendon, MA, bird survey

In addition, David has participated in wildlife surveys for the US Fish&Wildlife
Service at Lake Umbagog, NH, collecting marsh bird data. He also participated in
a tracking survey at the Mt. Wachusett "delta" development tract in Westminster,
MA, as well as at Thousand Acre Swamp in Phillipston, MA.

He has trained several docent groups for the Greater Lovell (ME) Land Trust and
the Friends of Alewife Reservation (Cambridge, MA). In addition he has held many
ranger orientation walks  for the Metropolitan District Commission's North Region

David has also provided wildlife education planning for the Lakes Environmental
Association's Holt Pond Preserve in S. Bridgton, ME and for the Camp Nihan
Environmental Center at Saugus, MA.

A lifetime of wilderness travel, many thousands of miles of ski-touring experience
and over seventy winter ascents in the White Mountains round out his background.

David is the author of
Trackards for North American Mammals and The
Companion Guide to Trackards for North American Mammals
. Recently released
The Next Step: Interpreting Animal Tracks, Trails and Sign.