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Tracking Problem:  What happened here?
Bird of the Month:  Tree Swallow

Tree swallow  Photo D. Brown
      This handsome denizen of fields,
bogs and marshes is a voracious
consumer of flying insects. While
crossing a field in mid-summer you
may kick up mosquitoes that are then
seized on the wing by these helpful
birds. Listen carefully and you can
hear the tiny bill snap overhead as the
bird buzzes you to seize its prey.
       Tree swallows migrate northward
so early in the spring that they can be
seen coursing over beaver ponds that
are still mostly frozen. Apparently they
are feeding on flying midges that are
invisible to us.
      Not only does a beaver pond
provide feeding habitat for these birds,
but, being cavity-nesters, they are
also provided with nest sites in the
woodpecker holes of dead snags
standing in the ponds.
Photo David Brown
This is a photo of a site on a little-used
hiking trail in western Maine in

What was the prey species?

What was the probable predator? (You
should be able to identify this down to
genus level.)

Was this a kill site?

What happened leading up to this

(The proposed solution is elsewhere
on this website.)