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Quabbin Trails programs * Sponsored programs
Quabbin Trails Programs
Spring-Summer 2014
Quabbin Reservoir is surrounded by a huge protected
watershed of forest, field and beaver ponds where human
intrusion is light and wildlife abounds. Even in marginal tracking
or birding conditions, a day spent in this "accidental wilderness"
refreshes the soul.

Suitablility: Outdoor programs are suitable for reasonably fit adults and accompanied teenagers 13 years and
up.. Both beginner and experienced trackers are welcome. However, participants should be free of any medical
condition that might be aggravated by long periods of walking in rough terrain. Since much travel is off-trail,
programs are not suitable for anyone with balance or coordination problems.
Due to the difficulty in obtaining
emergency medical care in remote locations behind locked gates, Quabbin programs are not
recommended for anyone with a history of incapacitating sudden-onset illness.

Clothing and Equipment: Dress for the weather remembering that tracking is often a slow process. Bring a
lunch and more water than you think you will need. Wear rugged boots that are at least moderately waterproof and
long pants and sleeves. Pant-legs can be tucked into socks and both then sprayed with insect repellant to
discourage ticks.

Directions:  Quabbin programs meet at 9:45 a.m. at the Petersham common. (Please note: the country store in
Petersham may not yet have reopened. Please stop enroute to buy snacks or use bathroom facilities.) From the
common we will carpool-caravan to one of the Quabbin gates. From Boston take Exit 17 (Rte. 32) and go south 6
miles to the common. From other directions see a roadmap or send an e-mail with your home location and
directions will be sent.. Please leave time for the inevitable delays so that you won't be left behind.

Registration: Use the linked registration blank only to register for "Quabbin Trails" programs described on this
page..(For events on the Sponsored Programs page, refer directly to the sponsoring organization for details and
If you wish to register after the deadline indicated in the program description above, please call or e-
mail first to ensure that the program has openings.

  • In the event a program is not adequately subscribed by the registration deadline,
    you will be notified of cancellation at the telephone number or e-mail address
    you supplied on the blank.
  • You may withdraw from a program with refund any time before the registration deadline.       After the
    deadline refund depends on filling the vacancy from a waiting list. In a  personal emergency you may, of
    course, withdraw with refund at any time.
  • If seriously inappropriate weather conditions require cancellation of the program, you will be called or e-
    mailed after the registration deadline according to the contact information supplied on the registration blank.

Quabbin Reservoir from Gate 35  Photo D. Brown
Preparations for Quabbin Trails programs:
Tracking Bobcat and other predators of
As the spring thaw sets in and the last tongues of
snow melt away, the sign of wild animals becomes
more of a challenge to find. For the next several
months discovering this sign tests the skills of the
tracker far more than is the case in the winter
snow. Now tracks, trails and other sign, like the
weasel scat in the photo, blend with confusing
backgrounds. The premium becomes knowledge of
the predator's habits: what and where is it likely to
hunt, what corridors is it likely to use to get there?
This is "eco-tracking", discovering the relationship
between the animal and its environment, and it is
the real payoff for one's diligence in the tracking
Sunday, June 8, 10am-3pm.
Please register by June 4 using the blank on the
Weasel scat on rock  Photo D. Brown
Registration page. After that date, e-mail or call first. Cost of the program is $35
Meet at Petersham common across from the country store at 9:45. See directions below. Please note that the
country store may not have reopened by the program date, so you should plan on making any necessary stops