Gray fox and sun
David Brown
David Brown's Wildlife Services
12 Hotel Road
Warwick, MA 01378
Tel: 978 544 8175
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Sponsored Programs
Summer 2016
Programs will be posted in this location as sponsoring organizations
request them. Check back frequently for additions.

Wildlife Tracking at Bidwell House Museum, Monterey, Mass.
     An indoor slide/video program in the museum will be followed by an outdoor walk in the extensive natural area on the
property. There we will look for the tracks and other sign of hidden wildlife activity, which we will identify and interpret for
insight into the lives of animals that live around us by hide in foliage or the night.
Saturday, September 24, 2016, 11am-2:30pm.
For additional information, please see the events page on the museum website at
Summer Birds at Summer Star
An outdoor/indoor program with bird video at Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary, Boylston, Mass.
Sunday July 17, 8-11am. Meet in the visitor center on Linden St. Admission is free. Wear clothes suitable for trail walking
and bring binoculars.