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Sponsored Programs
Spring-Summer 2014
Programs will be posted in this location as sponsoring organizations
request them. Check back frequently for additions.

Wildlife Walks at Alewife Reservation, Cambridge, MA
Alewife Reservation is a small DCR property surrounded by
industry, high-density suburbia and office parks. Despite its
unpromising setting
, this 130 acre park is part of a larger
ecosystem that provides habitat for a amazing variety of wild
animals such as coyote, fox, otter and deer as well as annually over
90 species of birds. The Friends of Alewife Reservation and other
interested groups have been fighting for many years a proposed
development in the heart of this "urban wild." These walks will be
along the North Trail, a signed nature trail along the Little River.
This is a rough trail with muddy sections so wear sturdy boots, long
pants and long sleeves. Bring insect repellant, water and
enthusiasm for this urban gem.
Sunday, April 20, 10am-noon.
Sunday, May 18, 1-3pm.
These programs are sponsored by the Friends of Alewife
Reservation. They are free and open to the public. For further
information and directions, please see their website:
Track and Sign Identification: Back to Basics
Coyotes, bobcats, fishers and other wild animals hide
from us in the night and behind foliage. However with few
exceptions they leave evidence behind of their presence
and passage. This slide and video program will present
the basics of identification of animal sign likely to be
encountered in western Maine. Evidence of common but
elusive wild animals will be presented, showing how to
distinguish their sign from that of pets and other
domestic animals  
Wednesday, August 13, 7-9pm. Hobbs Memorial
Library, Lovell, ME
. This program is sponsored by the
Greater Lovell Land Trust. It is free and open to the
public. For additional information see the land trust's
website at
Red-winged blackbird displaying  Photo D.Brown
Porcupine track w/Trackard  Photo D. Brown