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Fall-Early Winter 2015
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Alewife Wildlife Walks
Sadly the long-anticipated and feared development in the heart of the Greater Alewife Ecosystem has begun. At the end of
October the developer began cutting the silver maple forest, which is the heart of the ecosystem, despite frantic efforts by The
Friends of Alewife and other concerned environmental organizations to forestall the action. The building of nearly 300
condominium units, a few of which are termed "low income" in order to get the authorization from the state for flooplain
construction, can be expected to severely affect the wildlife population of this hitherto remarkably wildlife-active urban wild.
Ellen Mass, the president of the Friends group, has worked tirelessly and sacrificed greatly over the past decade to protect this
unique habitat. She and members of her group arranged for wildlife inventories, organized vigils and clean-ups, instituted an
ecology camp for inner-city teens, developed a nature trail and many other projects while attending numberless cons-com
meetings and court hearings. She also arranged frequent walks by me that have been posted on this website.
The development project severely damages what was left of the Great Pine Swamp where William Brewster of
October Farm birded
and naturalized as a boy. Despite its margins being backfilled bit by bit for industry and office parks, this urban wild continued to
function, with frequent tracks and sign of coyotes, both foxes, beaver, otter, mink, fisher, deer and other wild animals. It remains to
be seen how many of these species will maintain there presence in the diminished habitats that remain.

 No programs are currently confirmed for Winter 2015-16 although several are already in the works. Check back in
early November for a complete roster.