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Sponsored Programs
Winter 2015
Programs will be posted in this location as sponsoring organizations
request them. Check back frequently for additions.

Also coming this winter:

  • Winter tracking in Breakeart: Weekend date in February for the Friends of Breakheart. Date and details TBA.
Alewife Wildlife Walks
Sadly the long-anticipated and feared development in the heart of the Greater Alewife Ecosystem has begun. At the
end of October the developer began cutting the silver maple forest, which is the heart of the ecosystem, despite frantic
efforts by The Friends of Alewife and other concerned environmental organizations to forestall the action. The building
of nearly 300 condominium units, a few of which are termed "low income" in order to get the authorization from the
state for flooplain construction, can be expected to severely affect the wildlife population of this hitherto remarkably
wildlife-active urban wild.
Ellen Mass, the president of the Friends group, has worked tirelessly and sacrificed greatly over the past decade to
protect this unique habitat. She and members of her group arranged for wildlife inventories, organized vigils and
clean-ups, instituted an ecology camp for inner-city teens, developed a nature trail and many other projects while
attending numberless cons-com meetings and court hearings. She also arranged frequent walks by me that have been
posted on this website.
The development project essentially sounds the death-knell for what was left of the Great Pine Swamp, where William
Brewster of
October Farm birded and naturalized as a boy. Despite its margins being backfilled bit by bit for industry
and office parks, this urban wild continued to function, with frequent tracks and sign of coyotes, both foxes, beaver,
otter, mink, fisher, deer and other wild animals. Until now.
Red fox and weasel trails  Photo D.Brown
Shrew trails  Photo D.Brown
Winter Tracking at Northfield
A three-hour program will begin with an indoor
introduction to wildlife tracking, after which we will
snowshoe into the forests and fields of the Northfield E&R
Center in search of wild animal tracks, trails and sign. Not
only will we discover evidence of the abundance of
wilderness species on the side of Northfield Mountain, but
we will try to interpret what we find, as well: What was the
animal doing? Why was it here?
Sunday, February 8, 1-4 pm. at the Northfield
Mountain Environmental and Recreation Center,
Rte. 63, Northfield, MA.
Please see the center's website
for details and registration:

Snowshoes are available to rent on site.

Tracking in Thoreau Country
Thoreau "sauntered" through the Concord woods in the early
1800s noting the wildlife that he encountered along the way.
Much has changed since then, including the wildlife content of
the town's forests and fields.In this program we will search for
evidence of the current wildlife population and compare it to
what Thoreau found. In this way we can see what has
happened to the ecology of this famous Revolutionary War
Sunday, March 1, 10-noon at the Newbury Field
Conservation Area off Lowell Rd. Concord, MA
This program is sponsored by The Umbrella Arts Center of
Concord. Please see their website for additional information
and to register.:

Winter Tracking in Carlisle
Carlisle, MA is a suburban town with a treasure trove of protected land thanks to the environmentally aware citizenry. On
this walk we will search one of the town's many conservation lands for evidence of the plentiful wildlife that take advantage
of the woodland and pastoral habitats.
New date and time: Saturday, February 7, 2-4pm. Meet on Curve Street at the Cranberry Bog parking site. This
program is sponsored by the Carlise Conservation Foundation: Please see their
website for details and for any late-breaking postponements due to weather or conditions.

Winter Tracking and book signing at Drumlin
An indoor/outdoor tracking program at Massachusetts
Audubon's Drumlin Farm be combined with a book
signing for
Trackards and The Companion Guide to
Trackards for North American Mammals
. Drumlin Farm
at the Mass Audubon Headquarters in Lincoln, MA is a
wildlife-active pastoral landscape that supports a great
variety of animals in forest and field. P
lease note that
production of
The Next Step: Interpreting Wildlife
Tracks, Trails and Sign
will not have been completed in
time for this program.

Saturday, Feburary 7, 9:30 to Noon at the Drumlin
Farm Audubon shop
. Please see the Mass Audubon
website for details, directions and registration:
Shrew trails over the snow.   Photo David Brown
Red fox and long-tailed weasel trails  Photo David Brown
Winter Tracking in Warwick
Our annual winter excursion into the wilds of Warwick in the shadow of Mount Grace will once again search for the tracks,
trails and sign of the many wild animals that make our local forests home. About a mile will be covered at a slow pace.
Dress warmly with snowproof boots. Meet at the library from where we will carpool to a local wildlife hotspot. This program
is suitable for adults and teens 13 and up. It is free and open to the public. No need to pre-register.
Sunday, February 22, 1-3 pm. This program is sponsored by the Warwick Cultural Council through a grant from the
Massachusetts Cultural Council.
New date.
Red Fox voling  Photo D. Brown
Red fox voling in meadow  Photo David Brown
Tracking the Hidden Wildlife of Our Winter Woodlands, Part I:
This is the indoor  part of a 2-part series on winter tracking. A slide/video program will present many of the tracks and sign of wild
animals that live all around us but hide from us in the night.
Thursday evening, January 29, 7-8:30pm at Pinecrest Lodge, 84 Bemis Road, Hubbardston, MA. This and the following
program are sponsored by the Hubbardston-Ware River Nature Club through a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural
Council..They are free and open to the public, No prior registration is required.

Tracking the Hidden Wildlife of Our Winter Woodlands, Part II: This is the outdoor portion of the 2-part program during
which we will walk in the woods around Barre Falls searching, identifying and interpreting wildlife tracks and other sign.
Saturday, January 31. Meet at Hubbardston town hall/police department lot, 7 Main St. at 9:30 and carpool to the Barre Falls
area. The program will last about 3 hours. Dress warmly with snowproof boots. Snowshoes may be helpful depending on