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Spring 2016
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Alewife Wildlife Walks
    Alewife Reservation is a small DCR park located in Cambridge, Belmont and Arlington, Massachusetts. In the past it has
been remarkable for the diversity wildlife found within its borders, despite its location in an area of mixed industrial, office
building and high-density suburban development. Over 90 species of birds have been observed here, and the mammal list
boasts deer, coyote, red and gray foxes, otters, beaver, muskrat, fisher and more. In recent years the greater eco-system in
which the reservation is embedded has been under development pressure, and last year a large part of it was cleared for a
condo development. Alewife walks help to determine what wildlife persists in the greatly reduced habitats of the park and its
adjacent woodlands.

Sunday, April 17, 1-3pm. Meet at he reservation parking lot on Acorn Park Drive for a walk on the North Trail.
April's walk is once again sponsored by the Friends of Alewife Reservation as part of the annual Cambridge Science Festival.
It is free and open to the public. No reservations are required. Wear long pants and sleeves. Alewife walks are suitable for
adults and teens, 13 and up. Please see the Friends website for times and other details: